Top 10 Best WWE Wrestlers of 2013

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) is a renowned publicly traded, privately controlled integrated media (focusing in television, social media, internet, and live events), it has given entertainment a whole new level for all the segments of the society and is multi billionaire industry .WWE has targeted the wrestling sport and has taken it to new levels of thrill and entertainment , with all new superstars being introduced and also the old ones carrying their legacy and smashing bodies in the ring and getting cheers from thousands of spectators at the arena and millions at home around the globe is some achievement , this came possible after decades of evolution in the ring and outside as well and this WWE evolved into a public enterprise and socially accepted ,recognized medium of entertainment. All the super stars working for WWE are truly professionals and all the stunts performed by them are eventful and yet controlled by them as they do intense practice . We have complied a top ten list of professional super stars of WWE in 2013 , the list is complied on the basis of public ratings and achievements.

10. Mark Henry

Mark Henry

Mark Jerrold Henry also known as the world’s strongest man in the ring is an American power lifter and two times Olympian was born in June 12 , 1971 . He is currently one of the promising WWE performers in the ring and having problem with Rayback in 2013 , Henry recently gave world’s mightiest slam to ray back three times in row , Henry’s career is on the roar in 2013 as he smashed Randy Orton recently.

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  • Saint

    It looks to me someone is 12 years old and follows the popular crowd because they obviously know shit about wrestling with The Whatts, Shield, Punk, AND Bryan being omitted

  • Sir vf

    Where is cm punk and where is Daniel bryan

  • Henry

    Why it’s that CM PUNK is nt among the top 10?

  • Henry

    Why it’s that CM PUNK is nt among the top 10?.

  • wwe

    excellent Post I’m a huge Wrestling follower from Germany