Top 10 Fighter Jets in the World

In twenty first century the art of war is well evolved then previous centuries , the Air force has become the backbone of any country’s defense line and is integral part of any countries security .It’s been said that if you have air dominance no one can dare to strike at you and gives you an overall strategic advantage .In previous two decades there has been significant and ground breaking advancements in flying sciences as well as in fighter jets , now jets have more advance radars , communication , electronic warfare (EW) , better thrust , BVR (beyond visual range) missiles and much more . This evolution in fighter jets is an ongoing process and scientists are now a days working on jets that are soundless and not just stealthy but invisible. We have compiled a list of top ten fighter jets serving the armies around the globe, the list is based on evaluation of the fighter jets, its performance in actual warfare and on advancement of the fighter jets.

10. Mirage 2000

Mirage 2000


Mirage 2000-5 stands as the tenth fighter Jet on the list. It is available as a single seat jet or a two seat Jet being a multirole fighter. Mirage is a heavy weapon carrying jet which has 9 hard points in total that carry weapon system uploads, five on the fuselage and two on each wing other than this even the single seat Jet of Mirage also has internally mounted, high firing rate 30mm guns.

9. F-16


On number nine we have one the most performed fighter in the history so far, F-16 Fighting Falcon. The F-16 Fighting Falcon is reckoning to be the most advanced fighter jet period. The jet incorporates Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, advanced electronic warfare suites, and an infrared search and track (IRST) system. It is been operated by many air forces around the globe and variety of variants are available in the market with the most advanced being F-16 SV is consider to be 4++ generation fighter.

8. F-15

F-15-Top 10 Fighter Jets in the World

On number eight is F-15. Being better than all of its members in history, F-15 have better accelerating, better turning and an excellent handling. The F-15’s amazing pulse-Doppler radar system can look up at the highest flying targets and even the lowest targets. Its electronic warfare system provides threat warnings as well as information about what to do in the situation. The powerful Jet has such a reputation that when the Iraqi freedom Operation was opening, the forces of Saddam Hussein refused to get in the air knowing that F-15 was there.

7. F/A-18 Super Hornet


It is the pride of the most advanced air force in the world (USAF). It is the greatest of all the fourth and 4.5 generation super jets of the world. The Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is basically a twin-engine aircraft carrier-based multirole fighter aircraft that numerous has other variants as well. It has advance weapon systems , it operates with an internal 20 mm gun and is fully capable of carrying air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface weapons also , operates in all weather conditions both at day and night. The jet has high angle of attack capability and can be refueled in midair. Per unit of it costs $66.9 million.

6. JAS 39 Gripen NG

JAS 39 Gripen NG-Top 10 Fighter Jets in the World

On sixth place we have a Swedish creation” The Saab JAS 39 Gripen “. Gripen is basically a lightweight single-engine multirole fighter aircraft with all-weather combat capability both at day and night. It is primarily used by the Swedish Air Force and incorporates fly by wire capability for stability and is a delta wind jet. Swedish government have been successful to promote their aircraft and to get export orders from Central Europe, South African and Southeast Asia, per unit cost of the aircraft is between $40 million to $60 million.

5. Rafale


On fifth place we have the revolution of French avionics and probably one of the most attractive fighter of them all “Dassault Rafael” .Rafael is 4++ generation fighter with a twin engines and is equipped with the most advance radars, tracking systems and as well as EW suites. It has been sold to Indian air force only export order so far for this machines , the estimated cost of per unit is 124 million$ depending on the variant.

4. SU-30 MKI: Super Sukhoi

SU-30 MKI Super Sukhoi

SU-30 MKI was not initially designed to carry nuclear or strategic weapons but later in 2012 the developed IAF received 40 upgraded SU-30 MKI’s that were capable of carrying the BrahMos cruise missile. In 2010 Russia had won the large contract of upgrading the Jet aircraft with new radars, electronic warfare systems, computers and the ability to carry BrahMos missile. And they have been successful as it stands as the fourth top Jet fighter on the list.

3. Euro fighter Typhoon

Euro fighter Typhoon

We have ” Eurofighter Typhoon” on third place on this list , it is one of the most advance 4.5 generation fighter jet operational at the moment .Eurofighter is assembled, designed and built by a syndicate of four different companies from UK, Italy, Spain and Germany. It’s a multirole fighter and is powered by twin engines and operates with NATO and Saudi Arabia at the moment. It’s designed for complete air superiority and can act as an air aggressor.

2. SU-35


The second on our list of best fighter jets is the great SU-35. The twin engine, single seat jet is a super maneuverability multi role fighter. It is the derived version of Su-27 ‘Flanker’ and was known as SU-27 at its early stage. Dozens of these were built from which most of the jets were used by the Russian knight’s aerobatic demonstration team. The Su-35 framework has been protected because of the increased takeoff and landing weight of the jet. For the similar reason, the front bearing has two wheels. The improved radar stealth decreases the reflectance of the Su-35 in the X radio waveband and in the angle range of ±60°.

1. F-22


On the top we have the most advanced and sophisticated aircraft ever known to man so far “Boeing F-22 Raptor”. American company Lockheed Martin is known to produce weapons of the future as it proudly produced F-16 some decades ago, F-22 is nightmare of any army it’s the only air craft with the radar cross section of 0.01 which makes it invisible to the most advanced X-band radars in service today. The air craft’s radar is the longest range radar ever to be used in a fighter jet; it is powered by two engines that produce the maximum thrust so far recorded by an engine. It is completely computerized and has 2 super computers to perform all necessary functions. This super stealth jet deserves to be on the top of our list as its currently the only fighter stealth jet in service of any air force.


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  • Aipp

    Truth of the matter is until they actually go up against each other your only going by what should be the best and as we have found out before that is not always the case , but its a list that’s probably not far off ….IN MY OPPINION !!

    • Jay

      You forgot to include the tornado GR4. A unique plane which flies at very low altitude and has been highly effective in many strategic and risky campaigns. A must on this list of top ten.

  • Rayiscool

    No J 20 is the best made in china

    • John

      The F-35 and Sukhoi PAK FA are both better. The J-20 is based off of the retired Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk that crashed in Serbia. It is not the best.

  • Ghost8106

    I’ve read all the comments here.. Su.. Great dog fight plane.. But those days are over.. The f-22 is the most advanced and most sophisticated plane to date.. Hands down.. No exceptions… Seriously we are talking bout the most advanced stealth, most advanced targeting system, most advanced engine that produces 70 thousand pounds of thrust… You can put the raptor side by side with any fighter in a dog fight … But just Rember your not gonna get that close ..

    • abc10

      but it is very sophisticated. lockhead martin designer head in an interview told that a .50 cal bullet can also bring the plane down !

  • Pueblo

    if i had the money, i’d go with the su-35 anytime of the week

  • Rowena L

    Kids dont fight…. Buy a ps4 and play your favorite game….

  • B-man

    F-22 is the best in the world because of its stealth, great maneuverability, and super advance radar/targeting systems.

    F-35 is second best because it is radar avoiding capability although not as good as F-22. If F-22 looks like a marble in radar, F-35 looks like a golf ball. F-35 will replace F-22 because of lower cost, not because it’s better.

    SU-35 has the best maneuverable capability in the world, but is lacking stealth. In a close dog-fight battle, SU-35 can beat F-22 and F-35. But in a long range fight, it won’t stand a chance.

    Don’t mention SU-37. The development has ceased and won’t be built.

    • Adam

      The Su-35’s maneuverability won’t matter in a dogfight against the F-35 thanks to its 360 degree sensors. The F-35 could just lock on to a pursuing Su-35 and let the missiles do the work and escape the fight.

      But that’s IF you even manage to get up close to it. You would probably be long gone before your IR-sensors even pick it up, and the same goes for the F-22. They aren’t made for dog fights as it’s yesterday’s way of fighting. Now it’s all about stealth, speed, long-distance attacks and carrying as much weapons as you can.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the US have secret space fighters with scramjets, or even better, that goes to an altitude unreached by the enemy. NASA is already experimenting with scramjets, which means that DARPA and top secret facilities like Area 51 have been doing it for decades.

      Who knows, they might even have ion cannons in orbit as we speak? 😉

  • Al Taylor

    I find all this bantering about who has the best plane amusing, especially when those commenting most likely have no credentials much less credible information other than what is purposely released to the dummy public (including me) for the sole purpose of controlling perceptions. Big Brother is alive and well.


    TOP 5

    1) F22 Raptor – USA

    2) F-35 – USA (this might be phased out as it turns out to be very expensive)

    3) SU 30 (Russia / India / China)

    4) Rafael – France

    5) EuroFighter Typhoon – UK etc.

  • techyee

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  • Preston

    God , the Russians build beautiful planes. But I’d have put the super hornet at the three spot. F-22 and su-35 one and two. Typhoon at 4 . I’m American and quite biased, not going to lie. I love the 15 and 16. But they are getting a little long in the tooth. Hey also the super hornet is the pride of the us navy, bro. Not the USAF. Fun list tho. I was wrong on every number but one. Raptor is king

  • Manjunath

    Well written,but how comes some of the topline fighters of usaf are no 9 and 10. even today also they are frontline fighters.seems a bit biased

    • zoff2304

      Well written? You’ve got to be joking. This look’s as if it was written by a ten year old.

  • russell

    I am not surprised that the Raptor is no. one. Lockheed go back a long way and have produced some of the best US fighters. I’m a Brit,so credit were credit is due. For me Lockheed are no one. Yes I know now its called Lockheed Martin-but the best is for me Lockheed

  • Rayyan khan

    I love f22-raptor it’s totally rock.. this plane is best.

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    Excellent work, quite a few truly good points! I value you writing this editorial and the remainder of your web-site is top-notch!

  • AKS

    Dude f/A 22 Rapter is made by lockeed martin ,not by boing . It shows your capability of critisizing ,but some fact are close to real , since all publication in world is biased towords US propaganda

  • syed mohsin raza safvi

    i think su37 is most advanced and will challange the US F22 raptor.the su37 will surely fullfill the conditions of 6th gen. Fighter jet.t50 PAK FA is also best.

  • indian warriers

    what about HAL-TEJAS MK2 ???

    • http://none buniun

      too new
      still being tested

  • Hot Dog

    I am an American, but I am also a realist. The F-15 is FAR superior to the Gripen, Rafale, and Typhoon. I can understnad the FA/18 Super Hornet being ahead of the F-15, since the F-18 can dog fight juset as well, but can also do close ground support and precision bombing. The Russians make some very fine planes these days, and they should be shown ahead of the 30+ year old F-15. But not the Gripen, Rafale, and Typhoon.

  • NEON VickyVerse

    where is “BlackBird”????????? Well visit my site for soft downloads…NEON

  • Luke

    AHhaha. If you really think an F15 could take and F22 you are officially completely retarded…Nice try though and it is understandable as you are an American. An F15 wouldn’t even be able to detect an F22 so how on earth could it beat it in a fight? You are basically claiming a blind and death middle aged (American) man could beat a World Champion heavy weight boxer… basically you are talking absolute shit and backing the loser just because it is American. Typical really.

    • Daniel

      You do know that there’s more to dog fighting than radar, right? that you can see the plane coming from over ten kilometers away with the naked eye if you actually care to look? that you can use the massive cannon to shoot it down instead of rockets?

      • tumbler

        If you think you can use “naked eye” to detect a fighter jet which a radar can’t detect, then you are more than a retard.

        • ununuuui

          You do know it doesnt turn invisible it just doesnt make a blip on the radar screen.

    • ike

      umm,the f22 is american as well

  • Michael Patton

    All of these Jets are great Fighters. Since I live in the USA I’m partial to American Fighters. I still think the F15 besides the. lack of stealth capabilities is the most proven of anything Flying today including the F22. The current variant is still in the top 5 in a Dog fight and has a stellar list of confirmed kills. The right Pilot in a F15 could take out a SU35, F22 and anything else in a Dog fight. As We all know Gentlemen, it’s not the weapon the kills the Person. It’s the Person aiming the weapon that kills the Person.

    • Chakib

      Michael, you should be careful about the “stellar” list of kills. As impressive as it might seem in paper, the reality is that in most cases, these kills are to planes of older generations and/or low spec planes from air forces that are not well trained. This ussually after economic sanctions that cripple ability. So it is certainly not apples to apples.

      Also, airplanes are not like guns and higher technology will provide a competitive advantage. While pilot training and skills are extremely important, two equally skilled pilots will depend on their technical advantages to win over the other.

      Lastly, to think an F15 can really take down Su35 or an F22 is a bit far. Unless the Su35 or F22 pilots are very badly trained, it is very unlikely that the F15 has a chance given its big technological dissadvantages.

      I hope that helps,


  • shit

    Where is SU-30 MKM??? It was better than the MKI ones.

  • ILoveF-18E’s

    What i don’t get is why the person that wrote this said that the F/A-18 super hornet “is the greatest of all the fourth and 4.5 generation super jets of the world.” and yet is number 7????

  • Yengkhom

    I like Rafael and SU-35.

    • nile

      I a: pr: th pla:

    • tom

      and i like you….

  • lazyweapons

    FYI: the F22 raptor is a product of Lockheed-Martin. Also, this classification system isn’t accurate, most of you are writing from countries that don’t even have an admirable air-force, so there is no point in arguing.

    • Pepela

      how certain r u, some of us r not in us, look here, some of us, belong to here, the post is viewed publickly n worldwidely, u must appreciate the fact, we r united by views to a post. stop being biased, it wont help, lets make the world a better place for each of us!

    • Sowrong

      “most of you are writing from countries that don’t even have an admirable air-force”, In case you haven’t noticed this list is for individual aircrafts not the size of the airforce of the country involved.

      • Pepela

        indeed you are entitled to your opinion, do your statistics right, i came from russia! its not healthy critisizing other people no matter, nations they are representing!

  • Sree

    JF-17? That crappy chinese made aircraft, which even PLAAF has refused. Can i get some of the weed you are smoking?

    • Raju

      Dear bro what is the different between proto type fighter and general fighter and i request u pls tell on which place our tejas fighter

      • http://none buniun

        tejas are a new intercepter developed by india
        there too new to be on the list

  • sabya

    someone is totally biased!!!where is sukhoi su-30 mki,f-35 lightining 2,sukhoi pak fa t-50???

    • James

      Pak-fa is still a prototype, F-35 isn’t in service yet but I believe it should be on the list as should the su-30

    • ILoveF-18E’s

      The Su-30 is there at number 4. the f-35 program is full of problems, and the t-50 is still in developement.

    • http://none buniun


  • Muhammad Tayyab

    Let me tell you all that the no. 1 fighter aircraft F-22 Raptor is made by Lockeed Martin not by Boing, this is the same company which has been mainly manufacturing the mighty F-16 Fighting Falcon.

  • Syed ADeel

    can some one tell me where is SU 30 MKI ?? Where is SU35 ? Where is F35, this classification is vague and all aspects should be mentioned under which these planes are ranked.

    • nitin balodi

      ohh bro this classification is totally wrong.
      look the author saying that jas39 is better than dassault rafale. hell no its not the case. rafale is better than jas 39 gripen.

      he didnt consider su30mki. which is of su35 standard.
      yeah i didnt consider su35 as he said in start of the post that this is based on the onservice aircrafts.

      lotz of ambiguity are in this post. he need to write it all again.
      amendments require in this post.

      • Joy Sharma

        Dude what you guys are talking about? SU-30 MKI is at number 4 and SU-35 is at 2!

      • Roland

        What are you talking about? JAS is number 6 and Rafale is number 5.

      • http://none buniun

        yeah and the f35 should be first place

        • Havoc

          What planet were you born on buniun??? F35 is a geat jet but it hasnt got the polished standard that the F22 has eventhough it did suffer with its oxygen valves in the first place….and that was fixed

          • Havoc

            and before you reply with alot of rage the F35 is taking over from the F22 in 2016

    • bshsrocks

      Seriously, where is the SR-71 blackbird. i know it was built for reconnaissance, but a jet of that caliber should at least get special mention. i mean, it was never shot out of the sky, and was only decommissioned due to politics

      • No One Comes Close

        bshsrocks The SR-71 Blackbird is not a fighter jet. It was used as reconnaissance aircraft.