Top 10 Intelligence Agencies of 2013

Intelligence agencies play an imperative role in the smooth governance of a country. They are mandatory for a country, liable to cumulate, examine and desecrate data and intelligence. This data is in turn helpful in reinforcement of law, national security, defense systems and foreign policy targets. Methods of data collection may vary and include both the covert and overt techniques. Some of these techniques namely include under-cover operations, cryptanalysis, breakthroughs in communication and formation of an alliance with another organization. Also appraisal of available public resources may prove to be beneficial. The organization and proliferation of the collected information is known as intelligence analysis or assessment. Intelligence agencies emblem a country’s defense mechanism, strengthen it and make it dynamic

The top ten best intelligence agencies of 2013 have been enlisted in this article starting with number 10


10. Mossad, Israel

Mossad, Israel

Formed in 1949, Mossad is a secret intelligence service operational in Israel. It is ranked as one of the world’s best. Its preeminent objectives comprise combination of intelligence, covert operations and antithetical terrorism. It mainly concentrates on Arab activities. Mossad has eight functional heads, each engaged to achieve separate goals. It guards Israel from terrorism and criminal behavior, working actively to maintain law and order in the country.

9. MSS, China


Ministry of State Security abbreviated as MSS is the cardinal intelligence agency of China. It was formed in the year of 1983. This agency is accountable for foreign intelligence and antithetical intelligence. It has been ranked number nine in the world. It is perceived to be a very strong and large intelligence agency.

8. RAW, India


RAW is the intelligence agency of India. RAW is extended as Research and Analysis Wing. It was created in 1968 and has its headquarters established in New Delhi. It works to collect intelligence and data relating foreign government, corporation and criminals. It transfers information to Indian policymakers and fortify Indian borders against terrorist attacks. It also overlooks into the security of India’s nuclear activity.

7. ASIS, Australia


Australia’s intelligence agency ranks number seven. It is known as the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. It has its headquarters in Canberra. It embarks on accumulation of secret information and intelligence, evaluates activities of rival countries and criminals. Also it is engaged in counteracting activities that pose threats to a country’s security and safety. The Australian Secret Intelligence was created in 1952.

6. DGSE, France

DGSE Intelligence Agencies

General Directorate for External Security is the intelligence service of France. It was established in the year 1982 and operates under the French Ministry of Defense. It safeguards the country’s people and limits terrorist activity, working together to gather information for the safety of the country’s borders.

5. BND, Germany


The federal intelligence agency of Germany is Bundesnachrichtendienst. It was established in 1956, and is ranked number five. It is a highly motivated and well-established agency of the world. Its headquarters are in Pullach which is near Germany’s capital, Munich. BND mainly focuses on collection of intelligence data, detection of potential threats and acquaints the German government about terrorist and criminal activists.

4. FSB, Russia

FSB, Russia

Federal Security Service abbreviated as FSB is an intelligence agency of Russia. It is one of the world’s best and ranks at number four. It is the principal security organization of Russia which was formed in 1995. The main objectives of the agency are mobilization of information, defense from terrorism and protection of the country. The main office of FSB is functional in Lubyanka Square in Moscow.

3. MI6, UK


Having its headquarters in Vauxhall Cross, London the UK’s secret intelligence service is ranked number three. It was formed in 1909 and works in alliance with various different organizations. These namely include the Joint Intelligence Committee, the Internal Security Service, the Government Communications Headquarters and the Defense Intelligence. These organizations work together to ensure national security and inform the government of United Kingdom of any unusual activity.



The Central Intelligence Agency is an independent agency operational in the United States of America. It functions under the orders of the Director of National Intelligence. Its main objective is the protection and security of the inhabitants of America. President Harry S.Truman established this intelligence agency in 1947. CIA is divided into four heads which include the Directorate of Support, the Directorate of Intelligence, the Directorate of Science and Technology and the National Clandestine Service.

1. ISI, Pakistan


The Inter Services Intelligence agency belonging to Pakistan has been ranked the best. ISI was created in 1948 as a separate unit which was not interdependent. It was formed to secure and strengthen the country’s foundation. The headquarters of the ISI are located at Shahrah-e-Soharwardi in the capital Islamabad. ISI has achieved various goals especially in operations of Afghanistan, Siachin, Kargil War and Kashmir Front. The institution works in a well-organized constitutional and legal framework. It is working efficiently to protect the country from national and international terrorist activism.


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  • Andrew Carver

    When the American SEAL team “neutralized” Osama Bin Laden and extracted his body from deep inside Pakistani territory, without “waking up” ANY intelligence agency in Pakistan, the world came to appreciate just how good the ISI is in their job!

    • utg001

      when Osama bin Laden hijacked 4 planes on the same day and at the same time, and smashed them into American soil, when American Army couldn’t find any WMD in Iraq, the world came to appreciation just how great the CIA is.
      At least ISI is not so stupid to let its enemies win, got fooled by friends.

      • Andrew Carver

        If the ISI got fooled by friends, that still makes them fools :) And you call them Number 1 ???

        • utg001

          a friend is always more dangerous than an enemy. I was merely referring to CIA being fooled by these mountain dwellers who hijacked 4 planes in a day

    • Muhammad Zain

      Ask your Govt. How ISI is screwing them in Afghanistan by using Taliban.

    • bll

      u should know first helecopter was smashed then after issuing permission from gen pasha american come that they will not nominate pakistan…..but asusual america decieve and leaked news to media……fuck amrica

      • Andrew Carver

        Yeah right!
        I guess General Shuja Pasha came to your house and over a cup of chai, told you that story!
        And even if that were true, I wonder which self respecting country in the world would allow a foreign force to fly in for a special forces operation. Does Pakistan have ANY self respect???

        Your “kaide azam” would have been so happy to see the current state of his country.

  • munir

    isi number one…….tatal bullshit.conot be. simply to bug pakies nothing more than this. m. m. rajput, karachi.

  • Azam Riaz Najmi

    I am to be a pakistani

  • Sultan raza

    I am proud to be a PAKISTANI. ISI the best. Good to hear.

  • talha amin

    Every glad 2 c isi on top. stay blessed isi

  • Khan

    No doubt ISI is ranked number 1, see the present state of Pakistan and you don’t need any proof, lol.

  • Hameed

    hum sa koon agay jan sakta ha bs hukamranu na barbad kia hmai…………..ALLAH hamai dunya ki top hukamran b naseeb farmaye……..Ameen…………………………………………………

  • Muhammad Nadeem

    I am so happy to see ISI on top position. May Allah always keep it on top position.

  • Pakistani

    IsI Rocks
    Long Live Armed Forces Of Pakistan
    Long Live Pakitan (Kashmir Banay Ga Pakistan)
    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad

  • Osama Khan

    hi i am happy to see isi on the top may allah give our country and isi many more success

  • Usman Zafar

    The Inter Services Intelligence agency belonging to Pakistan has been ranked the best. ISI was created in 1948 as a separate unit which was not interdependent. It was formed to secure and strengthen the country’s foundation. The headquarters of the ISI are located at Shahrah-e-Soharwardi in the capital Islamabad. ISI has achieved various goals especially in operations of Afghanistan, Siachin, Kargil War and Kashmir Front. The institution works in a well-organized constitutional and legal framework. It is working efficiently to protect the country from national and international terrorist activism.
    It is already clearly mentioned in details no need of proof is required Mr. Hind.
    when sun shines then no proof of existence is required if still some one ask then he is fool….


    my country is the best its people are hard working and loving its water is pure kindness is in the bloods
    brave men . all these things get togather to make pakistan and ISI is made by pakistan that,s y ISI is the

  • mwk


  • Edward Holden

    Amazing. I saw the trainings of Pakistan Army…..US and PK are best.. I like it.

  • Saif

    we are proud of our Army and ISI

  • Ammar G Soomro

    We are Proud on our Top Intelligence Team (ISI) which beat all the world.

  • dhan raaj

    If ISI can break russia.To India kis khet ki moli hai.Wait and watch.India ideology is slave since eternity.Licking feets of USA and Israel that why they are progressing.A coward and cunning nation.I am indian too but hate and shy to be Indian.

    • M.Omer shah

      Bhai kya ap really Indian ho.PLesae Tell The truth

  • Arif

    It is call to Pakistani (We love our country, We love Islam, We love Pakistan and We love ISI)

  • rashid riaz

    no doubt about isi is the best agency because isi have limited resource but isi work very well why people critcies isi nobody know that……………………..

  • Ham

    We love isi

  • Rehan Ahmed

    That I.S.I of Pakistan
    agencies is top one No. 01 in the world because I.S.I is the best agencies it has a good humanity and honestly and hard-worker and because he is pure Muslim. so he called No.01 agencies.

  • Yousaf

    The point is, no one wants that Pakistan remain at highest rank in any field. So jealouser will jealous

  • SYed

    ok……….ISI is the best agency in the world………THen what would u all say about the bomb blasts that happen frequently despite of a promising agency. They are only planing to trouble their neighbour -India. Mumbai terrorist attack is a despicable evidence.Open assassination of Prime minister Banazem Buttu ………….is a big shame to SO called ISI. They can’t even fight threats from taliban . I Don’t think ISI desrve rank 1.

    • mattiullah

      So you say after twin tower and all the gunnings in USA, CIA must be ranked 100th????

      First get the knowledge of how agencies are ranked then bark out here!!

  • Steve Elliot

    ISI is not one agency, its a brand name of a legion of 26 independent intelligence agencies in Pakistan. This should explain why they are so effective.

  • Think about it!

    Fine, we get your point! You guys just want to prove you’ll better then us!
    Right! Lets all agree that India is a better country.
    But, I have some things I rely want to clear.
    1. How (ISI, pakistan army, infact all of pakistan) are terrorist?
    Many people die in bomb blast almost everyday is pakistan, all the time. We dont blame it on India! We find a way out to stop it. Then why are Indians blaming Pakistan on the mumbai bombing. If we want to, we would bomb the whole india, not a hotel bro! Our people are strong enough to take bombs and drones, and not cry about it. You guys are still pissing your pants man!
    2. Kashmir!
    Guys our army does not kill people who cant defend, lets say something India does.
    3. We did not do what you did!
    We did not make an international headline by a gang rape. Indians raped a women burattly, making her suffer from astonishing pain. How are you going to defend your country when your men can’t defend their womens from being raped, or maybe they are too busy trying to rape someone too. But the thing is, we respect our women, not rape them!
    4. ISI, Pakistan, army, people
    Look! You have to understand when we tell you, we got nothing to do with you guys, you all are to messed up within yourselfes to make us even think or ruining your country. I dont see people from Israel, Usa or any other country posting something. Indians started it.
    Go do something creative or nice for your people other than rape.

    • bangladeshi

      Pakistan is better than sucker india,isi is doing a very good job by ……india

  • ISI

    ALLAH HU AKBAR Pakistan zindabad………

  • Patriot Pakistani

    Jst dont forget da shit how da f**k u indian f**king sheeps r afraid of Pakistan . U afraid from dying but v call it as sahadat . Dont ever hav a black eye on Pakistan , otherwise v’ll snatch it and will make u all indians f**kin blind…. love u Pakistan . Hai jazba junoon to himat na haar , dear Pakistani’s jst work hard do not degrade it . Pakistan Zindabad .

  • jin

    ISI what the hec they even do…crash of soviet union was also due to CIA…….where as RAW whacked Pakistan and created Bangladesh…now another whack will be a creation of Balochistan….also turning the Afghan Govn against Pakistan….where as ISI still weren’t able to do anything significant to India, looks like RAW is more efficient….

  • S

    1971, killing of thousands of poor Bangalis, siachen win of india, breaking pakistan, kargil (lost of credibility and international friends), lal masjid massacre, successful american operation to kill and captuire Usama bin ladin from the heart of pakistan…….wow….Murder of zulfiqar ali Bhutto, Murder of Benazir Bhutto, humiliation of Imran khan in punjab university, no doubt its the best intelligence agency in making its own ppl fool………and his retired chiefs works for malik riaz and the best chief “Pasha” is now a security guard for an arab sheikh…….what a dignity and pride…………

    • truthisban

      “S” dont speak truth………..its ban here. lol

    • FChughtai

      S ? are u insane or trying to be fool? There is no relation between policies of Pak army and ISI. ISI is totally independent. What you have mentioned are totally Parliamentary affairs. Seems you are just an educated illiterate like many others in our media and secular rows. or may be earning Lots of dollars to sabotage the image of Pakistani defense institutions by confusing politics with army & ISI. go get a Life…

    • inzamam

      hahahah….dnt be jealous dear…….this is all bcx that we hav not only one enemy ……many countries are contributing their part to break Pakistan….but its still alive….india only has to face ISI….but pakistan has to face RAW,CIA,MOSSAD,FSB,khad etc….but we r still alive only bcx of invisible help of our ALLAH…and invisible protection of ISI…

    • inzamam

      and u r talking about humiliation of imran khan….hahahah…in ur inida, humiliation of arvind kajriwal is the best and fresh example of humiliation….and theres also a lot of other examples…

  • hind

    R u pakistanis mad or what… Ok lets agree once that ISI is number one… Then prove it.. Take away so called “ur Kashmir”

    • india ki ghad mai kashmiri chili

      Kashmir is not property of either of the countries,of course we Kashmiris are tankful to Pakistan and its nationals who stood always with us shoulder to shoulder during our worst times.Day is not faraway when India has to evacuate its huge army from the densely militarized are in the world and the oldest dispute on earth.

    • FChughtai

      ha ha we will do it when time comes. dont under estimate. ISI changes histories when react. We have many other priorities then Kashmir. and Why ISI bother abt Kashmir. who says its urs?

    • Ali

      you are talking about kashmir, match out for whole of india..

  • Hamid Hemani

    Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has reasons to catch an eye of Critics yet TOP on the list, A Grade intelligence of the WORLD.

  • adnan

    indian ‘RAW’ is the most violent and fascist terrorist organization aka “intelligence” agency. it has been instrumental in spreading terrorism in almost all it’s neighbor countries including Sri Lanka, Pakistan (ex-West Pakistan), Bangladesh (ex-East Pakistan), Sikkim etc.


    East Or West …..Inter-Service-Intelligence (ISI) Is The Best.