Top 10 Hairstyles For Women in 2013

Women want to look beautiful; and the things that attract their attention the most are clothing and hair dos. Usually, it is really challenging to decide which hairstyle would complement which dress. Another big dilemma is finding out what’s in and what’s not in trend these days. Putting all of this to thought, we have complied for you, the best 10 and easy to- do hairstyles. Be the judge and pick your favourite!

10. Braids



The best thing about braids is that they remain in forever. There are a number of trendy stylish braids. French braids and fish tails are always in trend. French braids can be styles using beads or other innovative hair accessories. French braids look fabulous on long hair. Fish tail side braids look cute and trendy especially on college going girls.

9. Bob

Bob Hairstyles

This hairstyle is for those women who cannot manage long hair. It is a small hair cut and is easy to manage. Women with this haircut should carry it plain and simple straight. Another kind of a bob is a messy bob which looks exceptionally hot. Previously, it was often regarded as a symbol for tomboy girls, but these days it is in trend.

8. Messy Buns

Messy-Bun-Top 10 Hairstyles For Women in 2013

Another hairstyle in trend is the easy-to-do messy bun. The most rewarding thing about this hairstyle is that is suits both blondes and brunettes. With messy buns, it does not matter whether you have long or short hair. This hairstyle looks good especially in summer. Another plus point is that it looks good on all age groups. It takes little time and the result is a really cool and casual look.

7. Curls and Waves


If you have curly hair, trust me it’s a blessing! Curls and waves remain in style throughout the fashion world. They are evergreen. Also, artificial curls and waves are an easy hairstyle to do. A diffuser and a good quality curl enhancer can help you create waves that you will love. This hairstyle works for all lengths; short, medium and long. It looks good both on day and night events.

6. High Buns

High Buns-Top 10 Hairstyles For Women in 2013

A high bun is the hairstyle that best suits brides to set their Veils . It was famous in the 1960’s but has now been seen to be in trend again. It is the bun located at the very top of the head. It looks best on women with long curly hair. It is a hairstyle usually done on long hair and is perfect for summer. It gives a really trendy look.

5. Twisted Hair

Twisted Hair-Top 10 Hairstyles For Women in 2013

To create this hairstyle you have to use around 5 to 8 twists between your hair. This hairstyle is often familiarized with hippies. It is suitable for all occasions and works best at all times of the day. Twists created on top of the head look exceptionally awesome.

4. Loops

Loops 2013

The number four hairstyle is to make loops. This is done by making two sections of the hair by parting it down the middle. The next step is combing the hair against the head and collecting it to make a pony tail. The pony tail is then rolled under itself to create a loop. The ends which are loose are then wound around the base and pinned using U-shaped pins. Fairly technical, this hairstyle is in trend these days.

3. Low pony tails

Low pony tails

Extra low pony tails rank number three on the hairstyle list. They look attractive especially on blow dried hair. Fashion hair bands, beads and clips are used to magnify the look of the pony tail. It is a simple and easy hairstyle, especially fit to working women and college girls to avoid managing messy hair throughout the day.

2. Twisted Sister

twisted sisters-Top 10 Hairstyles For Women in 2013

It is a very elegant hairstyle, plus it is also easy to make. The first step is to clip front and top up. Next, gather your hair in a messy bun at the nape of your neck. Third step is to take an individual strand of hair from the top and front sections and loosely twisting them. This strand is pinned up into the messy bun. Several strands of hair are loosely wound and pinned until the top of the head is reached. For volume, the crown is back-combed and pinned into the bun.

1. Layers


The number one hairstyle for 2013 is without a doubt, the layered haircut. If you have that kind of a haircut then there is little to worry about. Layered hair looks good on all hair lengths, on all occasions and on all age groups. Definitely then, it deserves the number one spot on the rankings. It has remained in season since the beginning of the 21st century. Layered hair pointing inwards magnifies the look on the face cut and makes you look extremely classy. If you’re looking for a cut that’s going to save you the hassle of hair styling, you know what you’ve got to opt for.


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