Top 10 Business to Start in 2013

With the world undergoing a torrent of recession, tens of thousands of people are considering to start home-based businesses. During a lifetime, an average human being can take up-to two to three careers. Those who have one, often consider home businesses on top priority. Majority of the people working the nine-to-five job and on the verge of retiring consider home businesses as a means to earn a living. Here’s our list of the top 10 options that you can choose for, that require low cost investments.

10. Boat cleaning

Boat cleaning


Boats which are hauled out of the water need to be cleaned. Depending on the kind of boat other accessory equipment may also need cleaning along with the boat. These include decks, sleeping areas, the head and the holds. These may need thorough cleaning. People who have boat-sittings in their homes can be initially approached. Another way could be marketing the services through advertisement.

9. eBay Assistant

eBay Assistant-Top 10 Businesses to Start in 2013

We all have items lurking around the house which we do not use, and can be sold out on eBay. The only task is to find out the asking price for the item and decide whether the item is worth auctioning or if it should be put in the eBay store? Then it should be decided if a minimum bid should be set up and the duration of the auction. For transactions, a Paypal account would be necessary.

8. Electronics repair

Electronics repair-Top 10 Businesses to Start in 2013

This will include repairing all kinds of electronics. If you have this skill it is surely a golden opportunity for you to utilize your talent and have your own business. For smaller electronics such as laptops and cameras, you would also save up the cost of driving around to pick up broken equipment and returning it. You can also encourage people to give you old electronics so that you can use their spare parts.

7. Event planning

Event planning-Top 10 Businesses to Start in 2013

This business has a lot of expansion possibilities. However, there is a need to do some homework first. You should be aware of locations that attract customers and which venue would be good for what kind of event. You may have to initially work with marketing managers to tour each site. Data may be organized in a database to sort venues according to some specific characteristics. Then while discussing an event with a client the key parameters can be considered for choosing a location.

6. Interior decorator

Interior decorator-Top 10 Businesses to Start in 2013

People who purchase new homes may often be confused or overwhelmed about home decorating options. This is the time your business offers its services. To understand and comprehend the person’s lifestyle, a questionnaire may be designed for each major element. For example if the homeowner has children or pets? What kind of lightning would be appropriate for which rooms?

5. Wedding planner

Wedding planner

For this you need to be up-to-date about the latest styles, trends and fads; dress styles, color trends and everything about the wedding day. A good planner is one who takes care of even the littlest details. When you offer an ala carte menu of services the customer is bound to fall in your trap. The wedding day is a person’s most special day and naturally everyone who want to have it perfect for themselves.

4. Computer training

Computer training-Top 10 Businesses to Start in 2013

If you have good grip in Macintosh and PC, then you should definitely consider training individuals in both. A good living could be made by training the senior citizens. Lessons could be given on the use of internet and e-mail to stay in touch with loved ones. These people often do not want professional training. They just want to be good with the basics, which is easy to start off with.

3. Moving service

Moving service

A lot of people who are moving from one house to another need help with shifting the heavy articles. You may skip long distance endeavors and large-scale shifting. However, those that are local could be managed. Advertisements on television and signs around the town will tempt the people to take benefit of your service. Old people and women would be largely interested.

2. Photographer

Photographer-Top 10 Businesses to Start in 2013

If not good, at least all of us know how to take a photograph. Perhaps a short course may polish our aesthetic sense, specializing in a particular type of photography which may prove to be beneficial. Photographers remain in demand throughout the year; at parties, weddings, holiday events and other activities.

1. Day care

Day care

In this business, experience training or licensing may be essential requirements. However, this business has a lot of earning potential. If you tend to enjoy the company of children around the house then this is the career that you should opt for. Most parents often prefer a home- environment day care for their child rather than a professional institution.


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