Top 10 Worst Politicians in the World – 2013

Looking at the political crowd, it is tough to select the top ten worst politicians as there are so many to be picked; most are coward and diplomatic, some are greedy, some are liars, and some are pathetic straightaway! If I was allowed to enlist all the worst politicians, I would have packed the category with almost, yeah almost all the politicians! However, after research we have come up with those ten with the worst standing and repute.

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10.  Rob Anders

Rob Anders

Robert J. Rob Anders is a Canadian politician; he is a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. Anders sleeping habit in the House of Commons went viral. Then he was accused of falling asleep again, this time during a Veterans Affairs committee meeting. Instead of apologizing to the veterans he’d greeted with a snore. Anders apologized soon after, but he was booted from the committee.

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