Top 10 Youngest Billionaires of 2013

Talking about money, it  really does not take a lifetime for some people to be a billionaire. We in our list are going to discuss some youngest billionaires of the year 2013. Some of these top ten billionaires have transferred their money banks from their parents where as some of them have worked hard on themselves to reach  this  level and  be a billionaire.

10. Fahd Hariri

Fahd Hariri


Youngest son of the assassinated Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Fahd Hariri is the tenth on the list. He graduated in the year 2004 from an interior designing school of Paris known as Ecole Speciale d’Architecture de Paris. While he was still studying in Paris he has put up his own interior designing studio in the suburbs of the city and made furniture there to sell it to the people in Saudi Arabia. It was not until 2005 when he came back to Beirut and now develops residential buildings there. At the age of 31 he has almost an amount of $1.2 billion which makes him stand ten on the list.

9. Li Zhaouhui

Li Zhaouhui

With the net worth $1.3 billion son of Li Haicang, Li Zhaouhui is the ninth youngest billionaire. He graduated from the Wuhan University of Science and Technology business management professional in the year 2005. He took over as the chairman of his father’s Haixin iron and steel Group and since then he is working hard to keep the reputation and investment of the business at its best and somehow have achieved some outstanding results as well. In a young age of 32 he has done a lot good to the industrious group of his father.

8. Albert Von

Albert Von

The 12th Prince of Thurn and Taxis is actually a German aristocrat and has been listed in many lists of young billionaires; the 30 year old has been appearing on the lists since he was eight years old. He completed his high school education from Rome and studied economics and theology from University of Edinburgh after his military service. He is an amazing racing driver and has a net worth of $2 billion.

7. Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin

One of the five co-founders of Facebook is Eduardo Saverin. Sharing almost 5% of the Facebook shares Eduardo has a net worth of $2.2 billion and he have also invested in Jumio and Qwiki. He did his B.S Economics in 2006 from the Harvard University and is an actual citizen of Brazil.

6. Sean Parker

Sean Parker-Top 10 Youngest Billionaires of 2013

Sean Parker was the first president of the social networking site ‘Facebook’. He also co-founded Plaxo, Airtime and Causes. With the net worth of $2.3 billion Sean stands as sixth on the list of young billionaires. Parker attended Oakton High School and then was transferred to the Chantilly High School in 1996 where he persuaded his teachers to count his time on computer coding which result him in starting companies and coding them computer at the end of his finishing year.

Korea’s Kim Jung-Ju is a founder of the online gaming company, Nixon. Although he lost billions lately, but still stands as the fifth youngest on our list. The 32 year old has a net worth $2.7 billion.

4. Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan-Top 10 Youngest Billionaires of 2013

Scott Duncan is the youngest son of Dan Duncan who found the Enterprise Products Partners. The 30 year old Scott inherited the energy pipeline company that owns more than 50,000 miles of Natural Gas, oil and petro chemical pipelines. The net worth of Scott Duncan is almost $4.1 billion which makes him the fourth youngest billionaire.

3. Dustin Moskovitz

Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz Speaks At CTIA

One of the five co-founders of ‘Facebook’ another is 29 year old Dustin Moskovitz who is an American internet entrepreneur. With a net worth $4.2 billion Dustin is the third on the list. He was having 7.8% share in the Facebook until he left it in the year 2008 and started working to co-find Asana.

2. Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan

The only girl on the list is Yang Huiyan. The daughter of a wealthy Chinese Yang Guoqiang who started his company Biguiyuan in 1997 is the majority shareholder of The Country Garden Holdings. The 30 year old graduated from the Ohio State University and has a net worth $6.9 billion.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

So the youngest who tops the list is the one who is known by the world, Mark Zuckerberg. He is an American internet entrepreneur and computer programmer. Though one of the five co-founders of Facebook he is usually known as the only ‘founder’ because he is the chairman and the chief executive of the Facebook Inc. The 29 year old Mark has a net worth $17 billion. Starting the site from his very own University which was Harvard University from where he was dropped out. Mark was always an extra ordinary student who excelled in computing and technology.


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