Top 10 Paul Walker Movies

Paul William Walker (September16,1973-November 30,2013)was a famous actor.He was of English ,German and Irish descent. He started his career as a toddler in a television commercial,for Pampers.His film career started from 1986 by acting in the film ” Monster in the Closet”.He did supporting roles in Pleasantville (1998),She’s All That(1999),and The Skulls(2000).He gained great fame in the role of Brian O’conner in Fast & Furious film series.Here are some of his all time hit movies.


Takers(2010)-Top 10 Paul Walker Movies


In the movie a group of bank robbers find their multi-million dollar plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective.The film is directed by John Luessenhop.The film is written by Peter Allen,Gabriel Casseus,John Luessenhop and Avery Duff.Pual Walker is play the role of John Rahway in the film.

9.Flags of our fathers(2006)

Flags of our fathers(2006)

Flags of our Father is a 2006 American war movie .It was directed,co-produced and scored by Clint Eastwood.The movie was written by William Broyles,Jr and paul Haggis. This movie is a story of six men who raised the flag at battlefield of Iwo Jima,of World War Two. Paul Walker as Sergeant Hank Hansen,who helps with the first flag raising in the movie.

8. Hours(2013)

Hours(2013)-Top 10 Paul Walker Movies

In the movie a father struggles to keep his infant daughter alive in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Film is written and directed by Eric Heisserer.Paul Walker is playing the role of Nolan in it.

7. Timeline(2003)


Timeline is a science fiction movie full of adventure .It is dirrected by Richard Donner.This movie is inspired by the novel written by michael crichton.In the movie Paul Walker is in the role of Chris Johnston in the film.

6.Eight below(2006)

Eight below(2006)-Top 10 Paul Walker Movies

This movie is dirrected by Frank Marshall and written by David Digilio.The film tells the story of a scientific expedition who is forced to leave behind their beloved sled dogs due to an accident and dangerous weather conditions. During the harsh winter the dogs must struggle for survival alone in the intense frozen wilderness for over 6 months. Paul Walker plays the role of Jerry shepard in the movie.

5.Into the blue(2005)

Into the blue(2005)

In the movie a group of divers find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo of a sunken airplane.Directed by John Stockwell and written by Matt Johnson.Pual Walker is playing a role of Jared in the film.

4. Joy ride(2001)

Joy ride(2001)-Top 10 Paul Walker Movies

In this movie three people are going from Colorado to New Jersey on a road trip.They talk to a trucker on their CB radio,and trying to escape after knowing that he is psychotic killer.Film is dirrected by John Dahl and is written by clay tarver,J.JAbrams.Paul Walker acting as Lewis Thomas in the Film.

3. Varsity blue(1999)

Varsity blue(1999)

This movie was released in 1999.It was directed by Brian Robbins and written by W.peter Iliff.Music of the Film was by Mark Isham. This movie is based on comedy ,romance,Drama and especially sports .Paul Walker is playing the role of lance Harbor in this movie.

2. Running scared(2006)

Running scared(2006)

Running Scared is directed by Wayne kramer and written by Wayne kramer.Paul Walker is playing a role of Joey Gazelle in this movie.He is playing the role of a mobster,who has to find a gun used in a mob hit before his bosses or cops find it ,in order to save his family.

1. Fast and furious

Fast and furious-Top 10 Paul Walker Movies

Fast & Furious is an American media franchise including a series of action film which center on illegal street and heists, and various other media portraying the characters and situations from the films. The fast and the Furious(2001) 2 Fast 2 Furious(2003) The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) Fast & Furious (2009) Fast Five (2011) Fast & Furious 6 (2013)




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