Top 10 Best 2014 Swivel Bar Stools Reviews for Home and Restaurant

Using the right swivel bar stools is essential for any bars or homeowners looking for perfect setup for their places. There are many available in the market today that comes in different styles and models. However, choosing from these swivel bar stools need to be concise and precise to match the needs of the people. Here are the top 10 best swivel bar stools reviews for people looking for help on choosing the right one.

Top 10 – Boraam Magellan Swivel Bar Stool

Boraam Magellan Swivel Stool


This Boraam swivel bar stool is made with brandy finish features. The construction of the seat is in solid hardwood. The seat has black faux leather with foam that is high in density. The seat also features durable ball bearing to provide the person the ability to swivel the seat for 360 degree. Additionally, the flared legs and footrest are designed to provide stability and comfort to anyone using the seat. The design of the seat comes in attractive style and the solid hardwood makes it a perfect choice for daily use. This is a highly recommended seat for kitchen and bar purposes.

Top 9 – Winsome Wood Assembled 24” Set of 2 Swivel Stools

Winsome Wood Assembled Swivel Stools

If looking for old classic design with new twists for swivel stools, then this Winsome wood assembled swivel bar stools are perfect. This 24” bar stools are ideal for any places looking for sophisticated setup. The seat offers excellent accessibility and comfort when used. They are fully assembled and comes in 2 sets.

Top 8 – Boraam Augusta Swivel Stool

Boraam Augusta Swivel Stool

This swivel bar stools from Boraam Augusta are designed with Cappuccino finished with solid hardwood construction. The leather seat is in black faux over high density foam. It has full bearing features that allow the user to swivel the seat 360 degree. The foot rest and flared legs provides great comfort for anyone trying to relax for a moment. This is surely a recommended choice for long seating purpose due to the comfort and design it provides.

Top 7 – Commercial Grade Black Swivel Bar Stool

Commercial Grade Black Restaurant Swivel Bar Stool

This swivel bar stool is perfect for restaurant and home use. This product is USA made that makes them capable of providing sturdy features. This model of bar stool can lasts for a long period of time without being damaged easily. The black upholstery is perfectly made to make them lasts long for everyday use. It is chrome finished with semi-gloss nickel chrome at the steel frame. Similar to the other models in the market, it can swivel 360 degrees with ease.

Top 6 – Hillsdale Montello Swivel Stool Old Steel Finish with Faux Brown Leather

Hillsdale Montello Swivel Counter Stool

If looking for a swivel stool that defines drama and styles, the Hillsdale Montello products are the perfect choice. This model from Hillsdale Montello is composed of sweeping and interlocking circles with complimentary castings that are intricate. It also has elegantly curved legs to provide the people with grace, elegance and movement. This model comes in both bar heights or counter heights with 360 degree swivel ability. This is definitely a good choice for people seeking the right option for their bars or counters.

Top 5 – Chic Modern Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools

Chic Modern Adjustable Synthetic Leather Swivel Bar Stools

This swivel bar stools from Chic are in synthetic leather materials. The bar stools are capable of adding high style to any location where they are used such as home, bars or restaurants. It has ultra-sophisticated faux leather seat that are perfect for long seating. Also, the swivel bar stools of chic can match any environment so there is less adjustment needed to match the surrounding of the place.

Top 4 – Winsome Swivel Seat Barstool in Wood Windsor

Winsome Wood Windsor Swivel Seat Barstool

This bar stool combines the features of a seat that can spin 360 degree. The design of the seat is very inviting and provides country-inspired style in order to match casual décor. It moves easily and can provide the essential comfort for anyone using it. The items are crafted using solid beechwood. It also has staggered rungs to provide comfort to the feet of the user. This is definitely one of the top choice of those looking for all-around purpose for swivel bar stools.

Top 3 – Elegant PU Modern Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools

Modern Adjustable Hydraulic Bar Stools Barstools

These adjustable swivel bar stools come in 2 set. They are created to be hot, fashionable and sleek. They are considered as must have for many homeowners with modern types of houses. The seat is in leather design and can be adjusted through the modern air lift feature. The height of the seat is available for adjustment from 24 to 30 inch. One of the best choice for those looking for modern style of swivel bar stools with great features and ease of use.

Top 2 – White Swivel Bar Stool with Adjustable Airlift

Bar Stool Airlift Swivel Barstools Adjustable White

This model of swivel bar stool is in white color and comes in 2 set. They are perfect for kitchen or bar usages. They can provide contemporary addition to nay dining or entertainment area due to the rich designs of the seats. The backless air-lift features of the swivel bar stool makes them very attractive to anyone using the seat. This is probably the main features why the seats are preferred by most people. Additionally, the adjustable handle of the swivel bar stool makes them easier to transport from one location to another without having any issues of difficulties.

Top 1 – Hillsdale Montello Backless Swivel Bar Stool

Hillsdale Montello Backless Swivel Counter Stool

This swivel bar stool from one of the known providers of seats is designed in old steel finish together with brown faux leather. Some of the great features of this chair are the elegant curving designs that can provide value to any place where it is used. It also features circle with sweeping interlocking design to intricate the complimentary casting of the bar stool. The main attraction of this seat is the dynamic old steel finishing with leather seats that are distressed brown faux. Also, it is available in both counter and bar heights with capability of swiveling 360 degree. This is a good choice for anyone seeking quality design with great features and strong materials.