Top 10 Garden Trees

A tree can be a lot of different things when it’s introduced to your garden, but not every tree is good at being everything. Some will tower over you but die quickly, whilst others will grow to the height of a small bush but rarely bloom, and this kind of variation can completely change how suitable the tree is for your garden.

There are, however, a few trees that are more or less perfect for any kind of garden project – we’ve collaborated with Olive Grove Oundle to bring you a top-10 list of the best types of garden tree we’ve seen.

#10) Crabapple

There are quite a few types of crabapple plant that can grow in the UK, with some being only as high as a small bush. Whether you’d want to turn their fruits into jelly, or just like the idea of a small fruit-bearing plant, you’re honestly spoiled for choice – colour, size, fruit type and shape are all equally varied, making them perfect for filling space.

The reason this is so far down the list is quite simple – and their fruits are often near-inedible without being turned into jelly, and they’ll often drop apples onto whatever’s below them, meaning that part of your garden will likely be littered with small, rotting fruits that attract swarms of flies in the summer.

#9) Peach

Aside from bearing a tasty natural fruit, peach trees can also be surprisingly small, making them a great choice for a plant that’ll repay the effort it takes to grow them. They’re excellent for the summer and can add some nice shade to a garden without much extra effort.

In frosty weather, however, you might have to try and shelter them – the cold can damage the leaves and fruit, making it look quite unhealthy until the warmer months roll back around.

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