There are several French rulers that have left a mark in the history of the European region and have proved themselves that no matter if they were monarchs, kings or even diplomats they were some great Politicians too. Keeping in regard we’re talking about French politicians which will include all the great leaders and politicians who are French. Here is the list of Top 10 Best French Politicians.

10. Victor Schoelcher

Victor Schoelcher on number ten was actually an abolitionist writer of the 19th Century born in 1804. He was a main spokesman from a group of Paris that represented the abolishment of slavery and eventually found an abolition society in 1834. He worked specially on the Caribbean Islands and French West Indies for the abolition of slavery.

9. Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

The French diplomat Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord is on number nine was usually known as Talleyrand and was born into an Aristocratic family in Paris. He was born in the year 1754 till 1838; he worked successfully under Napoleon I, Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe. Most of the people regard him as the most versatile, skilled and influential diplomat in the complete European history.

8. Jean Monnet

On number eight we have Jean Monnet, the French political economist and diplomat. He stayed in the office from 1952 till 1955. He is highly known as the main figure in finding the European Union and an architect of European Unity. He normally worked behind the scenes which made him help the American and European governments and was also given the name of Patron of the year 1980-1981 academic year at the College of Europe.

7. Philip Augustus

The seventh French politician on the list is Philip II Augustus. He was born from 1165 till 1223 during which he was one of the most successful feudal French monarchs. He expanded the Royal demesne and impact of the empire on the people at that time. There are number of things that he did while he was the ruler, one of which is defeating the Angevin Empire and breaking the alliance of the Flemish, English and German in the battle of Bouvines in 1214. He amazingly organized the government in his reign and brought about prosperity in country. He at his time checked the finances of the nobles and passed the extra to the middle class, this was the main reason he and his reign of ruler ship was popular among the ordinary people of the country.

6. Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle on number sixth was a French General and statesman who led the French forces in World War II. He founded the French Republic in 1958 and served as the first president in from 1958 till 1969. He is considered as one of the most influential and patriotic leaders.

5. Georges Clemenceau

On number 5 is Georges Clemenceau who was a French Statesman who led the nation in the First World War and he was an important political person in the third Republic. The Prime Minister of France from 1906 till 1909 and from 1917 till 1920 had been an important person in some difficult time of France.

4. Louis IX

On number fourth is Louis IX, the son of Louis VIII. He was the eight-generation descendant of Hug Capet and thus was the king after his father and the part of the House of Capet. He worked really hard with the Parliament of Paris in order to improve the professionalism in his legal administration. He had many places named after him, for example; St. Louis, Missouri, ille Saint Louis in Paris, Saint-Louis, Haut-Rhin and Mission San Luis Rey de Francia in the United States; São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil; and both the state and city of San Luis Potosí in Mexico. He worked extremely well in the field of art.

3. Henry IV

The King of France from 1589 till 1610, Henry IV is the third politician on the list. He was also known as ‘The Good King Henry’ and was the first French monarch from the house of Bourbon. He was one of the popular French kings and worked extremely well for the welfare of his subjects and showed an unusual religious tolerance and gave religious liberties to all the Protestants which ended the Wars of Religion in the country region.

2. Louis XIV

The longest ruling monarch, Louis XIV is the second politician on our list. Louis was the monarch of the House of Bourbon and ruled from 1643 till 1715, this reign of 72 years and 110 days is the longest time in the history of European country. During his reign France was the leading European Power and fought three main Wars, the Franco-Dutch War, the War of the League of Augsburg, and the War of the Spanish Succession. He omitted the feudalistic system and centralized the state.

1. Napoleon I

Napoleon I tops the list of the French politicians. Napoleon Bonaparte was an Emperor of the French from 1804 till 1815. He is remembered the best for his Wars that he led against the coalitions against France, these Wars were also known as the Napoleon Wars. All these Wars were won by him, which is the reason he’s known as the best military commanders of all times.