Of the almost 197 countries in the world, many are not considered to be conventional tourist destinations, whereas others stand out as the most popular ones. Theme parks, Museums, historic places and water streams attract thousands of tourists every year. We at Top Tens World have complied a list of the top ten countries that have been most visited every year.

10. Malaysia

At number ten is Malaysia, the country of trade and a blooming economic industry. Many people visit the country’ capital Kuala Lumpur in regard of their business and the best part is, once you are done with the work and meetings you can go and enjoy the sight-seeing places of the country too. The beaches of Terengganu and the jungles of Borneo will fascinate you with new insight of the country that you have not experienced before. Approximately 25 million international tourists came to the Asian Country in the year 2012.

9. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an important country for all the Muslims around the World and that is one main reason why it is visited by many tourists. Mecca and Medina are two main cities of the Middle East country which has the center of attention for the Muslims around the world regarding their religious pilgrimages and ‘Hajj’ at least once in a year and every year the number of international visitors exceed the previous one. The number of international visitors that went to Saudi Arabia in the year 2012 is almost 25.2 million.

8. United Kingdom

Great Britain stands as the number eighth country that is visited the most in the world. The European country had almost 29.3 million international visitors in the year 2012. Stonehenge, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Edinburgh Castle and Buckingham Palace are some of those places in United Kingdom which the attracts many visitors.

7. Germany

Germany has invested a lot in their tourism activities and that surely has paid off, ranking it on the seventh on our list. The European country has some major cities, like Berlin and Hamburg, which are likely to be visited during the festive seasons. Germany has the best beer festivals, Christmas markets and summer events which are loved by the European visitors. The largest percentage of visitors go to the Munich’s Oktoberfest. With almost 30.4 million visitors only in the year 2012 therefore it stands as the seventh most visited country.

6. Turkey

The country of Turkey is number sixth on the list with 35.7 million visitors in 2012. It is well-known for its historical cultures, traditions, natural landscapes and also its eye catching sceneries. Istanbul is the most visited city of the country where the pull of revolutionary skyscraper, mosques, boutiques and food streets draws in thousands of visitors.

5. Italy

The country that is famous for its romance and pizza is number five on our list. With the draw of the canals of Venice, pizzas of Rome, beaches of Amalfi Coast we can certainly see why so many tourist choose to visit this rich country! Italy has much more to offer than you even expect it to, if you have visited the place once you will definitely come to visit it again and that is the reason it has drawn nearly 46.4 million visitors 2012 alone.

4. Spain

No matter if you are a rambler or a luxury traveler, Spain is the right place to visit in any condition. Although the country was well-known by its Dutch and European visitors it has been spread through as an attractive country around the globe lately, which made it to attract around 57.7 million people in 2012. From its cultural Barcelona, traditional towns to its beautiful shores and extravagant cuisines Spain have all to offer.

3. China

The country with the largest population manages to bring in more people as visitors too. China had almost 57.8 million people as visitors in 2012. As the cultural exchange and business of the country has boosted up the number of visitors too have flown up accordingly. Apart from the business dealings it has many historical and cultural places to be visited and the formal feast of China is the best thing to have.

2. United States

The United States of America is a huge place to be explored with its vibrant parks, themes parks, churches, building, famous landmarks and awe inspiring landscapes. The most visited cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. The USA had almost 67 million visitors in 2012 which makes it the second most visited country in the world.

1. France

The leading country without any doubt is France.The country has everything to interest everyone, various museums and monuments, the famous Musee du Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Loir Valley you name it and it has it. Attracting 83 million tourists in 2012 France is number one on our list.