Show her how much she is appreciated and loved with a romantic gesture and gift especially for her. From handmade gifts, lavish trips and everything in between, saying “I Love You” to that special someone has never been easier.

Romantic Gifts

Romantic Gifts and Gestures Just for Her

  • Flowers – Sending her a box of long-stemmed roses or personally handing her a single rose is one of the most popular ways of expressing love. For an extra special romantic evening, arrange single rose petals on the rug in front of the fireplace or place on the bed before she arrives.
  • Jewelry – Believe it or not, one doesn’t need to spend a fortune on jewelry for it to be special. Whether it is a simple heart-shaped pendant, a one-of-a-kind designer piece or fabulous four carat pink diamond, nothing says “I Love You” like a piece of jewelry.
  • Movies – Whether hanging out at the drive-in theater or going to the nearest high-tech Cineplex, taking a gal to a movie is a tradition that has been popular for decades. Pick up two tickets to the newest movie release or take her to the scariest horror flick and hold her hand. For something really special, offer to take her to the latest chick flick. Just remember to include bottomless popcorn, soda and candy!

  • Do the Dishes – Make a coupon booklet that includes dish washing, vacuum and laundry coupons. Believe it or not, doing the dishes, vacuuming or other household chore is seen as a very romantic gesture for many women. Tell her to put her feet up, relax and enjoy.
  • Date Night – Many experts suggest that couples include a regular date night in their hectic schedules. Whether married for twenty years or in the beginning stages of a relationship, a date night is an important way for couples to stay connected and keep that romantic ember glowing.
  • Renew Vows – Nothing could be more romantic than renewing one’s vows. Surprise her by having a small and intimate renewal ceremony with a few special friends and family members. Although this will take some special planning, this romantic gesture is one she will never forget.
  • Spa Treatment – Show her how much she is appreciated with a gift certificate to an area spa for a relaxing facial or massage. Or pamper her with a personalized spa coupon booklet giving her a free foot massage, back-rub and pedicure.
  • Dance the Night Away – Most gals love to dance. Why not surprise her and take her out for a night on the town? If dancing isn’t your cup of tea, take a few dance lessons without telling her, get all dolled up and surprise her on the dance floor.

Edible Gift Ideas for Her

  • Chocolates – Let’s face it; most women love chocolate. Whether it is dark, white, sweet or semi, giving a great big box of decadent chocolate is sure to be a big hit. Just remember to remove the calorie and nutritional information label first!
  • Dinner – Whether it is a romantic dinner at an expensive restaurant or an affordable meal at home, most women appreciate someone else cooking dinner. Surprise her by making reservations at her favorite restaurant or have a fabulous meal ready when she gets home from a busy day. Why not kick the idea up a notch by hiring a personal chef or caterer instead? Although a personal chef is more costly than a simple dinner for two at a restaurant, having a personal chef at one’s beck-and-call is a dream-come-true!

Giving a romantic gift to that special someone does not need to be expensive. All it takes is a little ingenuity and time.