R&B music is listened to by millions of people in clubs, by people who are home alone and want to invite a girl over in order to spend a wonderful evening together and even when people want to relax. But what makes this music genre so interesting that it always has this power to convince you to listen to it again and again? Well, if that’s what you’re wondering, you should know that you’re not alone and that is why in the following paragraphs we’re going to take a closer look at the Top Ten Things You Will Like in R&B music genre.

10. Hot Singers

Did you take notice of how hot every R&B singer is? Damn girl! I mean, every R&B singer looks like she just came out of a photoshopped photo shoot, if you know what I mean. Just take a closer look at Beyonce for instance. She looks absolutely amazing and when she starts to move, she gets ten times hotter. Let’s not forget about the singers’ attire though. Some of these girls are dressed so hot that you actually feel like jumping inside your TV screen in order to be on the same dance floor as they are and dance with them all night.

9. Great Singing Voice

One thing that I really love about R&B music is that the voice of the singers is very convincing and every song that they sing, will absolutely make you feel like you are the one who they are singing about. Their voice is emotional, is loud and clear enough when it needs to be like that, but also deep, especially when you’re listening to an emotional RnB song. In fact, many of my friends say that R&B singers have the voices of goddesses that have just descended from the heavens in order to sing to us mere mortals so that we can rejoice and get to taste a bit of paradise.

R&B Music

8. Sexy Dance Moves

One of my favorite thing about R&B music, especially when it comes to the videos, is that the choreography is just spot on. You’re not only seeing a beautiful lady singing and being dressed in extremely sexy clothes, but she can also dance very well. To be honest, I am a fairly good dancer, but if I were to be on the same dance floor with Kelly Rowland for instance, I would just chicken out and have no guts to even make a move. I know that the way a video is shot does contribute a lot to the overall opinion of how good a singer can dance, hyperbolizing their dancing moves, but even so, they really know how to shake that booty and we, the guys, aren’t complaining about it!

7. Impressive Stories

R&B songs usually have a real and pretty emotional or sad story behind them and this is basically what gives them life and makes them so appreciated by people worldwide. These days most so called “artists” are singing about money, the number of women they had, about having fun in a club and so forth, but few are those that sing about how it feels to be hurt in love or how it feels when the one next to you is no more or just leaves without any explanations. These are things that happen in life every day and R&B singers touch upon them in many of their songs.

6. Expensive Cars

While not everyone loves this, it seems that in many R&B music videos you get to see a lot of cars and expensive cars at that, too! Most of the times the male character is portrayed as being a successful individual who likes a girl that doesn’t have a great financial situation, but he loves her still for her innocence and purity. But it’s not the guy who is always seen driving in a Ferrari or a Bugatti, since the ladies are also portrayed as being rich and driving equally expensive and exotic cars, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes and so on.

5. Complex Lyrics

The lyrics are yet again another reasons to why R&B music is so great. Unlike the songs you hear on the radio that have a few lame lyrics each of us could come up with, the lyrics in an R&B are full of emotion, are well thought out and carry great emotional value that can deeply touch the listener. You’ll get to hear at least a dozen verses before the chorus kicks in and therefore getting bored of listening to the same song is not going to happen after putting in on repeat for 5 times is a row.

4. Impressive Set

The set of each music video of any R&B music artist looks pretty much amazing and it basically pulls you into the story as if you’d actually be there in the same shoes as the protagonist or the singer. The lighting is perfect, the way the artist dances and moves is spot on and everything points towards perfection. If that is not something to deeply appreciate, especially since it greatly helps with immersing yourself in the song and video, then I don’t know what is.

3. Deep Bass

Did you notice that many R&B songs have a deep bass? If you noticed that, but never really wondered why this is the case, well, it’s because the songs are quite emotional and since many of them are slow, using a flimsy beat will make the listener fall asleep while listening to these songs. The beat thus is powerful and it’s there in order to keep you alert and paying attention to the song. Nevertheless, it also sounds amazing on a hi-fi sound system.

2. Impressive Amount Of Jewelry

If you look closely at your favorite R&B artists, you’ll see that in each and every video they wear a ton of jewelry. No matter if it’s earrings, bracelets, rings or necklaces, they wear them in various scenes across their videos. Why is this so amazing, you’d ask? Well, it can give young couples an idea of the type of jewelry that’s considered trendy and hip, especially if they plan on getting engaged or married. On top of that, the jewelry on its own is a piece of art!

1. You Can Dance On Them With Your Partner

If you have a girlfriend and you would like to spend an awesome and romantic dinner with her, then you’ll easily be able to make that happen thanks to the fact that R&B songs have a really laid back beat that is perfect for romantic nights. Just make sure to turn on your jams 5 minutes before your lady arrives at your place and it’s guaranteed that you guys will have a special and memorable evening together. So what do you think about our list featuring the Top Ten Things You Will Like in RnB music genre? Do you agree with our countdown? If not, then please let us know your suggestions and we’ll be happy to incorporate in future projects!